Copper Wire Processing - S. Kansu

Karşıyaka / İzmir

Copper Wire Processing - S. Kansu

Copper is one of the oldest mines throughout human history, which has been used as daily use items, weapons, jewelry and accessories. During the process, copper has found a place as a useful material in handicrafts as well as in advanced technology. coppersmith art also evolves towards more kitchen utensils in copper wire with handicraft products made in Turkey, it reveals a different aspect of the mine.

The history

Converting copper wires into different forms and designs requires a long period of work. As with the combat armor; The first step to create clothes, decorative objects and accessories from copper wires is to draw the chain, join the rings and cut them. None of these sections are welded and are produced individually by hand. While processing copper wire, materials such as electrically conductive pure copper wires, crow nose, pliers and Antep scissors are used. Armor and chain works made of copper wires; It offers convenient options for many designs such as clothes, jewelry and accessories.


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