Instrument Making (Kabak Kemane) - İ. Alkur

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Instrument Making (Kabak Kemane) - İ. Alkur

Music has been a means of expression since human existence. Instruments, on the other hand, are the basic material elements of the musical structure. Strings, wind and percussion instruments are frequently used in our traditional music forms in our country. The mastery of these instruments; It requires having technical and aesthetic knowledge as well as mastering subjects such as the main structures of traditional music, performance styles, the effect of the environment in which the performance will take place and the expectations of the participants.

The history

It is a common instrument in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions, made of natural materials such as gourd kemane, gourd and leather, and its origins date back to Central Asia. While the gourd is made to the violin, the gourd is cut under the knuckle that tapered upwards and a heart membrane or leather is passed on it, and a wooden arm is mounted on the gourd.


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