Fatih İbrahim Bey Mosque (Old Mosque)

Urla / İzmir

Fatih İbrahim Bey Mosque (Old Mosque)

The mosque is located on Algan Street in Atik District. The mosque, which was built by one of Aydınoğlu beys named Fatih İbrahim Bey and started in the 14th century and completed in the 15th century, became the touchstone of the establishment of Urla. Evliya Çelebi states that the mosque is known as the old mosque at the beginning of the cliff, has three domes, two gates with masonry and lead, and there are ablution pool and service buildings. Its bath was destroyed and the school was taken under protection. The mosque was repaired in 1982. The mosque is made of cut stone and brick. There is also a plane tree in the middle of the mosque and the old kulliye, which is estimated to be 300 years old.


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