Balçova Thermal Hotel, Hot Spring and Cure Center

Balçova / İzmir

Balçova Thermal Hotel, Hot Spring and Cure Center

The facility takes first place in Turkey in terms of both treatment capacity and programs applied. A well-staffed healthcare team works in different units of the Physical Therapy Center in the facility used generally for treatment purposes. The types and methods of treatment applied in these units are: a) Balneotherapy: Treatments with mineral and hot water baths, b) Electrotherapy: Treatments with low, medium and high frequency currents and ultrasound devices, c) Actinotherapy: Treatments with clusters of visible light with infrared and ultraviolet. d) Kinesitherapy: Treatments in the form of in-water exercises performed individually or in groups, e) Massage: It includes treatments where general or local, manual massage techniques are applied. In addition to these, patients also benefit from services such as hydrotherapy, underwater massages, pressurized shower, paraffin baths, jacuzzi, rehabilitation, emergency aid and early diagnosis. Becoming one of the regions that Balçova district is a favorite holiday places for local and foreign tourists in Izmir, one of our rich cities in terms of healing waters, encouraged the opening of new thermal hotels in the region. The five-star Kaya Thermal Hotel is one of the facilities put into service for the same purposes. The facility, which provides service with a capacity of 600 beds in 300 rooms (there are also 10 suites and 2 king suites), offers hot spring treatment and rehabilitation services as well as accommodation with its expert staff dealing with thermal-containing outdoor and indoor swimming pools, physiotherapy and general health problems.


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