Şifne Thermal Hotel

Çeşme / İzmir

Şifne Thermal Hotel

Şifne Town of Çeşme district, who old name is 'Reisdere', is known for its thermal waters. The hot springs are located in Küçük Şifne Bay, 5 kilometers east of the district center. A fault line extending parallel to the coastline in a north-south direction in the west of the Karaburun Peninsula also supplies the water of the Şifne Thermal Center. It contains chloride, sodium and magnesium in the composite. Its temperature is 38-42 ° C and its radioactivity is 8.50 eman. Total mineralization is high (33 mg / lt).The facility has 35 rooms and 70 beds. It accepts daily visitors for the thermal facility. Water is good for muscle diseases, rheumatism, joint pain and skin diseases. Thermal pools are located outside and are at a temperature of 35-36 degrees.


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