Basketry - M. Pancar

Bergama / İzmir

Basketry - M. Pancar

Thin willow branches, the raw material of the basket, are from Bergama; It is cut from the willow trees on the Kozak Road and Bakırçay sides, first the leaves and bark of the branches are peeled off. First, the baskets with the base are made of pike, chaste and willow branches. Baskets can be painted upon request.

The history

Basket types; Upholstered Basket, Zembilli Basket, Keletir Basket, Bathroom Basket, Ellice Basket, Tobacco kennel (Meatball-meatball, chaste branch) and Caged Saddle and Tea Saddle. Tools used in basket making; judge, mallet, knife, pocket knife, sickle and scissors. Basket knitting has sunk into oblivion like other crafts. In the Atmaca neighborhood, a few masters continue to make basketry.


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