Ida Madra Geopark

Bergama / İzmir

Ida Madra Geopark

Ida Madra Geopark is located in the northwest of Türkiye. Geopark covers the whole of Balıkesir province, Ayvacık and Ezine districts of Çanakkale, and Bergama district of İzmir. The area of the Geopark is approximately 17 thousand km2. The site has a special location on the coast of both the Marmara and Aegean Seas.

In western Anatolia, there are several granites and granitoids intruded into the Paleozoic metamorphic basement. The Kozak pluton is located on Madra Mountain (1220 m) in Western Anatolia and crops out in an area of approximately 360 km2. The granite tor topography in Kozak Plateau is a rare geoheritage worth seeing. This tor topography, which is one of the most interesting examples of spheroidal/onion peel, creates a unique natural landscape with its pistachio (stone) pines. This topography was formed as a result of the erosion of intrusive igneous volcanic rocks over time.


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