Kaya Izmir Thermal & Conventıon Hotel

Balçova / İzmir

Kaya Izmir Thermal & Conventıon Hotel

Kaya Termal Hotel is a 5-star, luxurious thermal accommodation facility. There is a congress center within the hotel. Events are held in this congress center for 12 months. In addition, there are event areas in the hotel building and in the garden. There are 12 meeting rooms in the congress center of the hotel. Meeting rooms can be combined depending on the size of the event. The capacity of 12 meeting rooms in theater order is as follows: Izmir1 400 people, Izmir2 350 people, Izmir3 550 people, Izmir4 500 people, Selçuk 100 people, Ankara 60 people, Istanbul 40 people, Erzurum 50 people, Antalya 75 people, Muğla 65 people, Rize 70 people and Bolu 70 people. The foyer area of ​​1580 square meters can accommodate 2000 people.


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