Foça Castle

Foça / İzmir

Foça Castle

The Castle is located in Foça, which has been an important port city since ancient times. The parts of the castle, known as the Castle Walls and Five Gates, which were renovated in the Byzantine, Genoese and Ottoman periods, have survived. The castle, one of the must-see historical sites of Foça, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in 2013. The open area behind the buildings in the Historical Peninsula in Old Foça hosts various events held during the summer months. It is not allowed to organize events that will damage the buildings in the area due to the protection measures of historical buildings. Some activities within the scope of 5 Nights at 5 Doors Phokaia Independent Film Days and Foça Jazz Days are held in Foça Castle in July and August every year. The Castle has a capacity of 200 people.


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