Aegean Rally

Seferihisar / İzmir

Aegean Rally

In the public sector, T.C. İzmir Governorship, T.R. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, T.C. Seferihisar Municipality, T.C. Seferihisar District Governorship, T.R. Menderes Municipality and T.C. Supports of Menderes District Governorship; The 29th event was held in 2019 with the Name Sponsorship of Obel Cıvata, Sponsorship of Special Audience Stage of DAP Yapı, Accommodation Sponsorship of Euphoria Aegean Resort & Spa, Co-sponsorship of Spor Toto, Redbull and Akdoruk Su companies. Aegean Rally, the Rally of Turkey is called the opening stages.


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