Algazi (Algaze) Synagogue

Konak / İzmir

Algazi (Algaze) Synagogue

Due to the inscription at the entrance of the Algazi Synagogue, it is accepted that it was built by Ishak Algazi in 1724. Another view claims that this synagogue existed at least in the seventeenth century and was controlled by Sabetay Sevi in ​​1666.

The basement floor was used as Midrash (study hall), and as a place where Asara Batlanim (ten old men) prayed all day long for the salvation of the country and its people. In addition, unused scriptures and religious objects were stored there before being buried according to Jewish tradition.

Ishak Ben Salomon Algazi, another member of the Algazi Family known to have raised prominent rabbis, is also an associated figure with this synagogue. Born in 1889, Ishak Algazi was educated at Yeshiva Bet Hillel (religious school)i, and became a Hazan (cantor) at the Algazi Synagogue like his ancestors. Ishak Algazi has been recognized as one of the most important composers of religious, secular and classical Turkish music.


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