Izmir Dragon Festival

Balçova / İzmir

Izmir Dragon Festival

Dragon Festival, which has participation of institutions from different sectors for rowing competitions, Turkey's one of the largest-scale participatory sports, entertainment, motivation and promotional activities. In the Dragon Festival that belongs to the Chinese culture, fifferent institutions form their own teams and set up their stands in the festival area. The festival is a significant source of motivation for the employees of the teams that participate in different events throughout the day. It is a wide and interactive festival ranging from dance contests to beauty contests, from costume contests to special events. In the rowing competition, one of the team members determined by the institutions sits at the front of the boat and plays the drums so that all the rowers keep their rhythm and keep their concentration high. The festival area starts with the opening ceremony and sports events and dance shows accompanied by DJ or MC performances are held on the giant stage set up throughout the day.


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