İkiçeşmelik Central Mosque

Konak / İzmir

İkiçeşmelik Central Mosque

The mosque is made of cut stone and is on a high base. Shops have been added to the lower part. Therefore, it can be climbed by stairs. The place of worship is covered with an internal dome supported by two pillars and four columns. The whole place of worship is covered with a wooden roof that slopes on both sides. The mihrab is in the form of a round niche and its pulpit is wooden. The minaret is on a very high five-pointed base, round body, white cut stone and has a single balcony.

The history

The mosque is on the edge of Konak Ikiçeşmelik Street and there are many recent repair inscriptions on it, but we know that this mosque existed as the name of Kurt Mehmet Yeniçeri or Kurt Beşe in 1734. The date h.1311 (1893) is written on the entrance door of the mosque. According to some sources, it is written that this mosque was built in the same year based on this date. However, Prof. Dr. Münir Aktepe cannot give a definite date for this mosque and claims that its builder is Mehmet Pasha


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