Çandarlı Fortress

Dikili / İzmir

Çandarlı Fortress

Çandarlı Castle, whose plan is in the form of a rectangular shape close to a square, is today in a great splendor with its five towers, battlements, doors and walls.

The history

While researching the construction of the castle, it was first used in BC. It is thought to have functioned within the Pitane site in the 6th century. Because the Ionian and Aeolis sites form two intertwined rings as city walls and inner castle walls. Especially since a site on the seaside is open to attacks, it can take months from the inner castle to resist the city and deter the enemy. The fact that the castle was destroyed and built many times, but the ancient stones on its walls confirm this view. These stones are from the 2nd century BC castle structure. The construction of the castle according to its current plan and lines was carried out by the Genoese who captured Foça in the 14th century AD and earned privileges. Genoese built magnificent castles in both Foça and Pitane in order to protect themselves. Stones were brought from Foça to Çandarlı Castle and carried to slaves. According to the legend, it was said that the slave carrying the most stones will be freed, and it was ensured that the work was done quickly. At the time when the Genoese built the Pitane castle, the Turks were also about to complete their Western Anatolian conquests. After a while, it was captured by Foça Saruhanoğulları and Pitane de Karesi Principality. After the pitane was taken, the Turks called this settlement center Asar or Hisar because of this famous castle.


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