Mary (Ayios Konstantinos) Church-Pazar Yeri Mosque

Çeşme / İzmir

Mary (Ayios Konstantinos) Church-Pazar Yeri Mosque

It is located on Sakarya street in Alaçatı town of İzmir province Çeşme district. Built in the 19th century (1874) as the Ayios Konstantinos Church built by Yuhannis Halapes, the building continues to function both as a mosque and a church with minor renovations today. It has a basilical plan with three naves. It was built using the masonry rubble stone technique. The vaulted superstructure is covered with a barrel on the middle nave and a porch roof over the side naves. The narthex to its west is two-storied and its galleries partially extend over the northern and southern naves. The iconostasis part has been preserved. A mihrab was added to the south. The narthex part has been closed today and shops have been created. The entrance is from the north. The minaret, which was added later and entered from outside, has a single balcony and is made of cut stone. The base of the courtyard to the west of the narthex is a pebble mosaic.


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