Parmaklı Masjid

Bergama / İzmir

Parmaklı Masjid

Since the building does not have an inscription, the date of its construction is unknown. The mosque takes its name from the window bars. The window style with iron bars made in classical style was widely used, especially in the 17th century. Fences are an important work of the art of blacksmithing. The rods were made in hammer-hammering technique and were welded and passed together. The masjid, whose rough side was built with stone and brick altar, has rich brick decoration on the south and east sides. The top of the marble jamb windows are bordered by pointed arches made of brick. Their cheeks are filled with hexagonal bricks. In addition, brick ornaments in herringbone shape and arranged horizontally and vertically draw attention. The top of the harim is covered with a dome crossed with a hexagonal hoop.

The history

It is an Ottoman period mosque structure built in the 15th century.


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