Saint Helen Catholic Church

Karşıyaka / İzmir

Saint Helen Catholic Church

The master craftsmanship in the exterior architecture of the church turns into an art inside. The neogothic windows feature stained glass of French saints and saints, and reliefs depicting the life of Christ on the walls. Again, the marble statues of Saint Helen and Saint Constantine are placed in the four corners of the church.

The street where the church is located is known as 'Church Street'.

The history

Once known as 'Kordelya', St. Helen Church is the first Catholic Church in Karşıyaka, and the building built with the support of Count Nikolai Alliotti on the land allocated to the Catholic community living in Karşıyaka at the end of the 19th century and connected to the priest named Don Alfonso Vallery, was completed in 1904.

The architect, who drew the plan of the church, which is known to be donated by the Muslims living in Karşıyaka during the construction and manages the construction work, It is Raymond Pere who drew the famous arch of the Polycarp Church. In 1968, the interior architecture of the church was renewed and while this was done, attention was paid to the protection of the historical texture.


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