Agia Fotini Orthodox Church

Konak / İzmir

Agia Fotini Orthodox Church

It is a Greek Orthodox church built in 1992 in the place of a church.

The history

Agia Fotini Orthodox Greek Church, located in the Mahmudiye (Yaladika) part of Frenk Street before the great fire of 1922, was built on the seaside in 1658 and was rebuilt in 1690 after it was destroyed in the earthquake of 1688.

In the following years, he became a Metropolitan and became the symbol of the Greeks living in Izmir. The bell tower, which was 33 meters high in connection with the death age of the Prophet Jesus, was erected in 1856.

In 1892, a big clock was added to the bell tower, which is the pride of the Greeks of Izmir because it is the tallest building in Izmir.

In the great fire in 1922, it was completely burned down, destroyed, and destroyed.


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