Salepçioğlu Mosque

Konak / İzmir

Salepçioğlu Mosque

You are looking at Salepcioglu Mosque, one of the most beautiful mosques of Izmir with a baroque(1) design. The mosque was built by patron Salepcizade Hajji Ahmet Effendi, under supervision of Judge of Izmir Mehmet Emin Effendi. The epitaph on middle door notes the mosque construction was started on 15 October 1895 and completed on 20 February 1906. The mosque was opened to worship on 14April 1906, with a ceremony attended by notable personalities of Izmir, including Governor of Izmir Mehmet Kamil Pasha.

In his foundation certificate charter, Salepcizade Hajji Ahmet Effendi requested construction of a school with a mosque in the large yard of Buyuk Salepcioglu Inn along with a madrasah including 7 rooms and classrooms. According to this charter, income from approximately 80 shops and two large inns were donated in favour of the mosque.

In the early years of the republic, the books in foundation libraries of Izmir were collected together at 'Hisar Public Library', established at Salepcioglu Mosque.

Smooth cut stone and white marble were used as construction materials. The dome over sanctuary(2) of the building and the three domes over front area are coated with lead and crowned with crescent & star. Adornments in Salepcioglu Mosque combine Greek, Roman, and Renaissance architecture styles together; with ornamental elements reflecting Orientalist influence, this surely is a unique value of Izmir.

Another note about Salepcioglu Mosque, which was designed to include a madrasah and a school at ground floor and mosque at second floor, is that its minaret is built separate from the mosque main structure. Original minaret destroyed by an earthquake was renovated in 1927 by Governor of Izmir Kazim Dirik. However, this minaret was also destroyed in 1974; finally this slim and elegant minaret was built in 1982.

Extensive restoration works were carried out on the mosque in 2012, financed by Izmir Chamber of Commerce. During this process, significant interior and exterior decorations of the mosque were cleaned and retouched. You can find detailed information about fountains of Salepcioglu Mosque here. (Link)

1 An art movement that began in Europe in late 16th century and lasted until mid 18th century, favouring surprise, glory and glamour in fine arts.

2 Area allocated for prayers of the congregation in mosques.


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