Kılcı Masjid (Damlacık Mosque)

Konak / İzmir

Kılcı Masjid (Damlacık Mosque)

The rectangular planned building is positioned in the north-south direction. The walls of the building are made of rubble stone and two rows of bricks and beams pass between them. The building has three parts: the harim, the women's hall and the basement. The entrance stairs are in the north-west direction of the building. Two stone-framed arched windows on the east side of the ground floor. There is a vaulted and arched entrance door on the north facade. On the Mahvil floor, there are two jambed windows on the eastern walls.

The history

It is said that the building, which is located in Izmir, Konak district, Hacı İbrahim neighborhood, Iki Çeşmelik Street, No: 214, was owned by the Britishzade Hacı İbrahim Foundation (General Directorate of Foundations) in the 18th century and was built as a Mevlevi dervish lodge. It is thought that the mosque was built or repaired by the Kılcızade family, who lived around the same time. There is also a graveyard, a large part of which is thought to have disappeared later. It is possible that a part of the famous Asclepion Temple, known to be in this region, was found under the foundations of the mosque. Because, in a study carried out in May 1933, a basement was found under the cemetery next to the mosque, which is believed to be 270 meters long and 2 meters wide underground cellars.


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