Sığacık Mosque, Masjid, Bath and Complex

Seferihisar / İzmir

Sığacık Mosque, Masjid, Bath and Complex

The mosque in İzmir's Seferihisar district, Sığacık District, Kaleiçi location is an Ottoman period work. It is an old mosque covered with rubble stone and brick, with a single minaret, a harim and a narthex. Its construction dates back to the 16th century. The courtyard of the mosque consists of three pointed arches covered with bricks sitting on four columns.

The top of the arch is covered with cut stones bricks. There is a last congregation place consisting of a square planned harim and three domed units. The forecourt and main dome are covered with Turkish style pantiles. Its minaret is located in the northwest corner of the mosque.

The minaret, which rises on a hexagonal lower base, has a single balcony, and the sides of the balcony are decorated with muqarnas. The historical Sığacık Mosque, built in 1522 during the reign of Kanuni, was built by the Naval Commander Parlak Mustafa Pasha. It still maintains its vitality as a kulliye with its bath and madrasa.


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