Mirkelamoğlu Inn

Konak / İzmir

Mirkelamoğlu Inn

You are at one of the few inns in Izmir that have survived in original form.

Mirkelamoglu Inn was built in last quarter of 18th century. Selvili Inn, Buyuk Karaosmanoglu Inn, and many others have been damaged during construction of Fevzi Pasha Boulevard, but Mirkelamoglu Inn survived unharmed due to its location just side of the road.

Featuring two-storeys and a yard, this inn is a typical example of urban Ottoman inns. Ground floor store spaces open up directly into the yard, while second floor rooms' doors open into porches supported by columns. An arched opening on western façade leads takes you to inn yard through a corridor covered by vaults adorned with gypsery; there is a marble fountain on the southern wing of the yard. On entrance façade of the structure you can see hand carved decoration motifs that were fashionable in that era, such as curved branches and drapes.

Following the lead of Buyuk Karaosmanoglu Inn next door, Mirkelamoglu Inn was also still used for cotton storage and silk fabric trade. Rooms originally intended for accommodation were converted to offices over time. From republic era on, these rooms were occupied by craftsmen.

Today, there is a vinyl shop operated by a photography artist at the entrance of Mirkelamoglu Inn, and inside shops are occupied by fur makers, a restaurant for local shop owners and craftsmen, and a tea house, which are quite busy especially around noon time.


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