Yukarı Çarşı Mosque

Güzelbahçe / İzmir

Yukarı Çarşı Mosque

The Yukarı Çarşı Mosque is located in the center of İzmir Güzelbahçe, at the address of Atatürk Neighbourhood 35310. Its sign says that it was built in 1801. The mosque, which has recently undergone restoration, has lost its originality. The entrance to the mosque harim is from the last congregation place added later. The mihrab decorations are the plaster decoration workmanship from the half of that period and they are very beautiful. The window tops are decorated with plaster. Women are wooden and plain. Likewise, the pulpit is made of wood and is very plain.

The single balcony minaret is to the left of the mosque entrance and has been newly painted.

Due to the location of the mosque, there is an elevation difference on the bazaar side, so you can go to the courtyard by stairs. There is a small park in front of it and an entrance is provided from there.


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