Pottery - Bilal Deniz

Menemen / İzmir

Pottery - Bilal Deniz

It is accepted that pottery started with the settlement in Anatolia, that is, in the Neolithic period. In the historical process, it is seen that pottery wheel was used in 3000 BC and painted and glazed ceramics were made over time. The containers obtained by shaping, drying, firing and glazing clay mud were mostly used for the storage and cooking of food products. Today's Menemen city settlement is archaeologically located within the ancient city of Aiolis.

The history

Today as it was in ancient times, there are pottery centers in almost every region of Turkey. These centers continue their production with similar techniques but with different forms unique to them. Pot; sludge preparation, impeller, shaping, drying and firing stages. Although the pots made in Menemen province are not suitable for cooking due to the structure of the soil; It is used in many areas such as flower pots, water containers - jugs, cubes, barrels, yoghurt pots, chimney, handled glass, lampshade.


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