Abacıoglu Inn

Konak / İzmir

Abacıoglu Inn

While visiting the historical area of the city, many buildings that have lost their texture, some of them have been destroyed and sometimes even completely destroyed, are encountered. This is mostly due to the fact that we do not protect our historical values sufficiently. So how do they greet us when we protect them? Now, stand in that crowd and take a step inside the door. Be the centuries-old guest of Abacıoğlu Inn today.

When you enter inside, you will see the large courtyard with trees and the two-storey colorful spaces surrounding this courtyard. The spaces have been transformed into two floors with wooden flooring from inside. Each of the spaces on the right is covered with a separate arch roof, while those on the left are covered by a single flat roof. In the construction of the inn, cut stone, rough cut stone and brick were used.

Although we do not know the exact construction date, it was built by Hacı Mustafa Ağa, the son of Abacızade Hacı Ahmet Efendi, at the beginning of the 18th century, according to foundation records. Again in these records, although it is mentioned that the inn is an inn with nine rooms and seven lower cellars, only the northeastern and southwestern wings remain today.

On one side of Abacıoğlu Inn was Merzifonlu Inn, and on the other side was the Greek Church cellar and courtyard. Since there was no wall or shops at the back of the inn that covered the courtyard at that time, it was an inn that could directly enter the courtyard, intertwined with the Jewish neighborhoods here.

It has been used as a vegetable and fruit market for a period when honey makers were intense. In the afternoon, goods were brought with horse carriages and camels, and the people who brought them stayed on the upper floor of the inn. The inn was also used as a movement center for motor vehicles carrying passengers and cargo to the surrounding districts for a while.

The restoration of Abacıoğlu Inn, carried out by Konak Municipality, was completed in 2007. In the same year, with this restoration work, the 'Respect for History Award for Local Preservation' and 'Philippe Rotthier', which is considered one of the most important architectural competitions in the world, was among the top 30 architectural structures and was awarded an award.

Today, in the Abacıoğlu Han, there are restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the inn, as well as the shops of the tradesmen who have been trading from father to son since the 1920s.


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