Hamza Rüstem Passageway

Konak / İzmir

Hamza Rüstem Passageway

You are now in one of Kemeraltı's oldest passges. The first name of the present-day Hamza Rüstem Passage was Emirler Inn.

The history

It is estimated that Emirler Inn was built in the middle of the 19th century. The inn, which has a wooden door, was also all wooden. There was a large courtyard, and a wooden hut in the middle of the courtyard, probably used as a mosque.

Emirler Inn and the buildings next to it served as a front between the residential areas and the bazaar, rather they functioned as a vegetable and fruit market. The inn was transformed into a two-storey reinforced concrete passage, taking as an example of the ferns seen in the Frenk Bazaar before 1922, under the influence of the reconstruction movements of the Republic period. After that, it started to be known as Emirler Bazaar. The passage included shirt makers, repair shops for the radios that were just beginning to be used in the city, a photo shop belonging to Hamza Rüstem, shops where photographic materials were traded and a few printing houses.


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