Piyaleoglu Inn

Konak / İzmir

Piyaleoglu Inn

Construction date of Piyaleoglu Inn is unknown, but it's thought to be built in first half of 18th century. Countrymen delivering goods from their hometown were regulars of this inn, which was property of renowned Evliyazade family in 19th century.

After some time, Piyaleoglu Inn was converted to a coach station for nearby towns and villages, but rooms were still used for accommodation. Moving on to the 1970s, a mosque was built in the yard, shops were occupied by craftsmen including tanners, shoemakers, and glaziers.

Front façade of the inn has two storeys, while premises inside the V shaped yard accessed through a double door were all single-storey. All 23 of the stores facing the yard were covered with wooden ceilings and wooden jerkin head roofs. In later years, some new structures were added to premises, one in front of the other. Built with pitch-faced stones and bricks, Piyaleoglu Inn is one of the few inns with no vault in Izmir.

Occupants of Piyaleoglu Inn today include a tea house and several stores selling shoes and clothes.


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