Alliance İsraelite Universelle

Konak / İzmir

Alliance İsraelite Universelle

The Alliance Israelite Universelle, the most important school of the Jewish community in Izmir, where you are now, started education in 1873 and the girls' school in 1878.

The Alliance Israelite Universelle was founded in Paris in 1860 in order to ensure the social and economic development of the Jewish community struggling under difficult conditions and to remove regional differences among Jews. It has been decided that the only solution to the problems of overpopulation, ignorance and unemployment arising from early marriages is vocational education schools.

Since 1862, apprenticeship schools, agricultural schools and modern schools were opened one after another in the cities where Jewish communities lived, especially Baghdad, Edirne, Istanbul and Izmir. Although the rabbis opposed this because they thought that modern education would keep children away from traditional values, the chief rabbi was able to persuade them.

At the end of the 19th century, there were about 400 students at the boys' school, most of whom paid no fee. The girls' school has an average of 300 students, the basic courses are taught in French as well as Hebrew, Turkish and Greek, as well as general education. In 1884, a workshop called Jeunnes Filles was opened for female students and they were taught handicrafts and art, and masters were brought from Uşak to teach carpet weaving.

Halit Ziya Uşaklıgil from here 'Many teachers of Izmir Alliance School completed their education at Paris universities; They were young people in love with their jobs, intelligent and burning with the passion to be useful to their kin.

During the Republic period, it continued its educational activities first as Jewish Keçeciler Boys School, then as Private Piri Reis Kindergarten and Primary School. The school was closed in 1998, merged with Saint Joseph. The garden of the building was used as a parking lot for a while. Today the building is empty.


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