Atatürk City Public Library

Konak / İzmir

Atatürk City Public Library

The history of the Atatürk Provincial Public Library goes back to the Hisar Mosque Library established as a foundation in 1775. On the basis of this library, other foundation libraries in İzmir were brought together in Salepçioğlu Mosque in 1925 and Hisar Public Library was established under the direction of the Ministry of Education *.

When the Salepçioğlu Foundation Library was added to this collection in 1948, its name was changed to Hisar-Salepçioğlu Library. The library, which moved to the ground floor of the Atatürk Museum in 1952, was named Atatürk Library this time. When the Atatürk Provincial Public Library finally moved to its present location, the calendars showed the year 1973.

This is a library known for bringing innovations to modern public librarianship with the cultural and social services it offers. By being eligible to participate in the PULMAN Project in 2002, the library personnel were provided with education in Greece, Finland and France. The library became the first library to provide internet service within the scope of this project.

The Atatürk Provincial Public Library, which has nearly 50 thousand books in all categories, has approximately 18 thousand members. The library's book washing machine provides readers with hygienic books. The fact that audio books have been produced since 1983 for visually impaired readers, as well as with the support of social volunteers, makes the library special.


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