Yeni Şükran Hotel

Konak / İzmir

Yeni Şükran Hotel

The coffee house named after Hacı Hasan Bey, who was the mayor of İzmir during the occupation years, was also located on the ground floor of the hotel. İzmir Turkish Hearth operated on the upper floor of this coffeehouse since the last years of the Ottoman Empire. Thus, it witnessed the work carried out against the occupation of Izmir.

The history

In the Izmir guide dated 1934, Hacı Hasan Hotel was among the recommended hotels for the travelers to stay in the city. When it comes to 1941, we see that the famous restaurant gave its name to the hotel; now this is the New Thanksgiving Hotel.

You can pass to Veysel Dead End through a narrow opening from the courtyard of the hotel, and this narrow exit made the hotel even more attractive as it opened next to the Veysel Hammam, which was active until 1960.

Şükran Hotel, one of the most luxurious hotels of its time, and Şükran Restaurant, which was an indispensable place of Kemeraltı, were placed as iconic places in the urban memory.

Although the new Şükran Hotel has reached today with its original function, it has changed considerably. Unconscious changes have been made in the spaces by the commercial uses on the ground floors. Unfortunately, Şükran Restaurant does not exist anymore. The marble fountain, estimated to have been built in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, is still visible to the right of the hotel's entrance door.

Ilyas Camtaş, the operator of this place since 1982, is trying to keep the hotel alive. Many of them have been welcoming their customers who have been living in this hotel for many years in its rooms opening to the long corridor decorated with flowers.


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