Ragıp Pasha Hotel

Konak / İzmir

Ragıp Pasha Hotel

At the same point, there are the stories of two different places that we want to tell you. As with all hotels along the street, this hotel has an inn in its past; its name is Ragıp Pasha Khan. Dellalbaşızade Ragıp Pasha, the owner of the hotel, is one of the mayors who served in the city in the last quarter of the 19th century.

The history

While the directors of the hotel were Muhammed Bey and Osman Nuri Bey, in the 1930s it became Hasan Basri Bey. The 24-room hotel is on the list of first and second class hotels. Accommodation in a single room is set at 125 kurus, in a double room 50 kurus per person.

The courtyard of the inn surrounded by porticoes on three sides was reached by a short corridor opening to the two entrance doors at the beginning and the end. One of the two shops to the right of the entrance is Şifa Pharmacy, owned by Kadızade Hüseyin Rıfat Efendi, known as the first Turkish pharmacy in İzmir. The identification of the pharmacy with Kemeraltı takes place when it is sold to Süleyman Ferit Bey.

The second shop was Ragıp Paşa Kıraathanesi, one of the famous places in İzmir. When the Istanbul City Theater actors came to Izmir, they stayed in this hotel, theater lovers and artists had theater talks together in this coffee house. The 'Palavra Club', which expresses what is happening in the country and the city through humor and stoning, came together here between 1930-1955. Poet Bıçakçızade Hakkı, Union and Progressive Küçük Talat, writer Nail Moralı, painter Kadri and Ferit Eczacıbaşı were the regulars of this intellectual meeting place.

After being severely damaged in the fire in 2012, the building, which is owned by the Eczacıbaşı family, has been restored in accordance with its original form. Today it is used as a shoe store.


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