Kemahlı Hotel

Konak / İzmir

Kemahlı Hotel

While walking along Anafartalar Street, we are now at another point that was once used as an inn and later as a hotel.

Dating back to the second half of the 19th century, the inn was named after Kemahlı İbrahim Efendi, one of the grape merchants from Izmir, the owner of the inn. It is one of the attractive inns of the region and used mostly for the storage of oil, dried fruit and oilseeds.

The history

In the first quarter of the 20th century, Tellalbaşı was combined with Yeni Han, which was behind it, and started to serve as a hotel. In Kemahlı Hotel, which has 34 rooms, accommodation in a single bed room costs 50 kurus, and a twin room costs 40 kurus. It was on the list of first and second class hotels in the 1930s. The Kemahlı Kıraathanesi and various shops were located on the lower floor of the hotel, and the hotel rooms were located on the upper floor.

The entrance section of Kemahlı Hotel, which extends towards the street, is separated from the other facades with its cut stone workmanship. The inscription above the entrance door says 'Mashallah' and '1321' (1905 AD). The wooden workmanship on the passage and courtyard facades highlighted by a wide barrel arch draws attention.

Kemahlı Hotel has been restored and turned into a bazaar this time. The façade, which has been taken care of to preserve its originality, reminds passers-by of the inn's old days.


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