Manisalıoğlu Inn

Konak / İzmir

Manisalıoğlu Inn

You are now in Manisalıoğlu Inn, one of the rare inns of the Ottoman Street, which was once one of the main axes of Izmir. Büyük Karaosmanoğlu Inn is located right next to the two-storey, courtyard and asymmetrical inn.

The history

Unfortunately, Manisalıoğlu Inn does not have a building inscription that has survived to the present day. However, we learn from some sources that it was built by Manisalı Mustafa Efendi. The architectural features of the building give us the idea that it was built in the 19th century.

The two rooms in the southwestern wing of the courtyard of the inn still preserve their original status today. Access to the second floors is provided by an internal staircase. There was a portico on the second floor of the inn, which can be seen in the 1905 insurance plan. As the construction material, cut stone was used around the openings, and rough-cut stone and bricks were used on the facades. Although its main walls and some arches are still present today, it can be a little difficult to see them because of the additions and renovations that have been made.

There were mostly Jewish merchants in Manisalıoğlu Inn. As in the years when the inn was built, today it is generally used for haberdashery, fabric sales and storage functions.

* In a building, a covered and open front place, porch.


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