United Nations Street ( Variant )

Konak / İzmir

United Nations Street ( Variant )

The settlement of a significant part of the immigrant families who came to İzmir in the second half of the 19th century in Değirmendağı revealed the necessity of connecting this new settlement to the center. The first works carried out during the period of Governor Halil Rıfat Pasha could not be continued in the following years, despite the increase in population density. Some widening of the road in the period of Governor Rahmi Bey could not fully solve the problem. It was decided in 1950 to open a variant road connecting Konak Square from Değirmendağı to Eşrefpaşa, the upper neighborhoods and the newly opened Hatay Street.

The variant road was completed in two stages. In the first stage, the section starting from Konak to Halil Rıfat Pasha was handled. This road, formerly known as the Governor Rahmi Bey Variant Road, was opened on April 7, 1952. Initially, the abutments of the bridge were left empty with the thought that it could be used as a shop, and in 1959 it was filled with a reservation that the bridge could not bear the weight. This part of the road is also the first road to be illuminated with fluorescence in Izmir. The newspapers of the period underline that the illumination of the road in this way creates a beautiful view at night.

The second part of the Variant, extending from the entrance of Halil Rıfat Pasha to Bayramyeri, was completed even faster and the entire road was opened with a ceremony on 28 December 1952. On February 28, 1953, the Municipal Council took the decision to call the United Nations Avenue, which it still protects today, in memory of Turkey's accession as a member of the United Nations. But maybe because this name is long, the people of Izmir still refer to this road as 'Variant'.

From this street, you will find the Gulf of Izmir in front of you with all its beauty. You will pass by the Archeology, Ethnography and Toy museums on this path that curves like a snake. If you want, you can try different tastes in the raw pastry shops scattered around the back streets of Tatar district. Let us remind you that the building located on the variant and used by the Izmir Regional Directorate of the Credit and Hostels Institution today was built in the 1950s as the product of an unsuccessful attempt that started with the name 'cheap public apartment'.


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