Çukur Hammam

Konak / İzmir

Çukur Hammam

Çukur Hammam, one of the Ikiçeşmelik hammams, was built of rubble stone and brick. The hammam does not have a building inscription that has survived to the present day. The fact that Evliya Çelebi mentioned Çukur Hammam in his Seyahatname shows that the hammam existed in the 17th century. The fact that examples of baths similar to Çukur Hammam are dated to the 14th and 17th centuries supports this judgment. The inscription 'Masallah' and the date of Hijri 1290 (1873 AD) at the entrance is thought to be related to the restoration of the bath. In Çukur Hammam, dressing room, warm room, hot room and water storage places are located on different axes. The dressing room is covered with a wooden dome and the warm room is covered with a cross vault. When you raise your head up, you can see the circular skylights on the vault. To the east of these two places is a temperature and water tank. The warm room, which is a large space, is covered by a monastery vault with round skylights.


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