Bergama Theatre Festıval

Bergama / İzmir

Bergama Theatre Festıval

Bergama Theatre Festival is an innovative festival of history, culture, and the city, the first of which took place in 2018. Bergama Theatre Festival, which started with the dream of creating constructive discussions by taking inspiration from the historical and organic connection between Berlin and Bergama, which began with the relocation of the Altar of Zeus to Berlin, is working to create a special experience space with the rich historical fabric of Bergama and the rooted theatrical tradition.

It aims to make Bergama a meeting and sharing point in the field of cultural policies and theatre both in the region and nationally with the local and international works included in the program selection, as well as the joint projects it has developed and the relationships it has established. The festival is trying to achieve this goal with a team that is added every year from Bergama and a team that is strengthening its ties with the local community.

In 2018, when it met its audience and Bergama for the first time with the program it created by focusing on the reflections of the relationship between Bergama and Berlin on artistic production, after a two-year compulsory break the festival hit out for the second time in 2021 to be sustainable, sharing and transforming festival. Since this new beginning, Bergama Theatre Festival has been focusing on four main pillars during the creation processes of the program. The festival tries to strengthen 'Localization'aspect by developing its relations with artists and producers in the region. 'Sectoralization'steps supports capacity development and professionalism along with the effort on creating an equal and accessible environment for Arts & Culture according to the aims of'Accessibility of Social and Cultural Life'part. Lastly, 'The Participation of Children and Young People in Arts & Culture' focus gives high attention to the audience of today and tomorrow, festival's friends, and possibly the future team and artists & creators. May our meetings never end, where a sustainable, changing and transforming structure that affects and influences has been together with the audience and Bergama for many years!

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