Ödemiş / İzmir


Bozdağ is a settlement located 22 kilometers north of Ödemiş, at an altitude of 1150 meters. It takes its name from the Bozdağ Mountains one of the highest mountains of western Anatolia at an elevation of 2157 meters above sea level. Also known as The Apls of Aegean, Bozdağ Mountains separates Little Meander and Gediz plains for 170 kilometers and hosts a myriad of endemic plains.
Bozdağ attracts most attention during summer with its natural beauty and recreational spaces such as Çınarlı Park, Mermer Oluk, Şelale Park, Kırık Çeşme. This makes an economical contribution to the plateau .

The history

From the cemeteries in the village named The Threes, The Fives, The Sevens and The Forties, it can be inferred that history of the village dates back to the ancient times. The settlement founded by Lydians in the ancient times and named Tmolos. As a result of its geographical advantage it is assumed that it is used as a defensive outpost. Bozdağ, later administrated by Birgi principality.


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