Ancient Panaztepe Settlement

Menemen / İzmir

Ancient Panaztepe Settlement

Panaztepe located at the north end of the hill cluster known as seven hills, 13 km west of Menemen district in İzmir, placed on natural elevation and its slopes it contains graveyards from several different historical periods. It is discovered that the hill which is located 10 kilometers in land today was a strategical island settlement at the north of the İzmir bay during the prehistoric periods. The settlement is inhabited from early bronze age to the ottoman period, with some minor interruptions.
Panaztepe excavations revealed a greatly important city Western Anatolian Cultural History but whose ancient name is not yet known
Excavations in Panaztepe is supported by Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Culture and Tourism, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Turkish History Institution and İzmir Free Zone (İZBAŞ).

The history

Important indictments have been detected in Panaztepe excavations from the end of the late bronze age to the transition period known as the Dark age. Apart from these periods, findings that suggest existence of cultural layers extending to the Protogeometric and Geometric Period, Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Periods have been reported.


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