İzmir Bay with Ferry of Bergama

Konak / İzmir

İzmir Bay with Ferry of Bergama

We invite all Izmir residents to our Gulf tour, where you can experience the unique summer sunsets of Izmir, see the history of our city from a different perspective with a professional tour guide, and observe the living species of our living bay, with the Bergama Ferry, one of the veterans of Izmir Bay.

A brand new Izdoğa tour begins, in which we will visit the Izmir Bay with the historical Bergama Ferry, accompanied by professional guides. Our 2-hour tour, where we can listen to the story of Izmir and its historical districts while passing through its coast, and get to know the creatures in our Gulf, meets with the people of Izmir on July 26. You can buy tickets from www.izdogaturizm.com and get detailed information by calling 531 932 09 93 for an unforgettable Izmir trip with the seagulls that will be accompanied by the most beautiful sunsets and will take their wings to the imbat winds.

During the tour, you can listen to the 8500-year-old history of İzmir, witness the stories of its ancient districts, and observe the Gulf relationship with the Gediz Delta, one of the world's most important wetlands. We will be happy to see all the people of Izmir on our tours, where we will try to explain Izmir from the sea once again.


Our tour is not one of the live music Nostalgia tours. It is a culture-oriented tour with a history narration and professional guide.

There is a cafeteria and toilet facilities in the ferry. No food or drink is brought from outside.

Smoking is not allowed on the ferry.


19:00 Departure from Konak Gangboard

19:05 Pasaport

19:10 Alsancak

19:15 Harbor

19:30 Bayraklı

19:35 Alaybey

19:40 Karşıyaka

19:50 Bostanlı

20:15 Üçkuyular

20:30 Göztepe

20:40 Karataş

21:00 Konak

What to tell

A Short History of Izmir
Greeks, Armenians, Jews
Konak Ataturk Square
Clock Tower, Yali Mosque, Provincial Mansion
Konak Pier
Trade in the Old Port and Izmir
Passport Pier
Ataturk Monument, Republic Square
The story of Kulturpark and IEF
Atatürk Museum
New Port
Alsancak Station and Railways
Yesilova Mound
Bornova Pier

Karşıyaka Çarşı
Levantine Mansions
Karsiyaka Sports Club
Natural life park
Çamaltı Saltworks
Bird Sanctuary
Flamingo Tours
Fisher shelter
Balcova Thermal
İnciraltı Urban Forest
Ahmet Adnan Saygun
Mithatpaşa Art School
Karantina District
Güzelyalı - Kokaryalı
Historical Asansör

Karataş-Jewish Quarter 2. Juderya
Girls' High School / Ionian University
Bahribaba Park
Varyant/ United Nations Street


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