Urla is an amazing part of the Aegean with its 40-kilometer coastline, clean sea, great nature, and historical sites. Just 35-kilometer away from the city center, Urla opens its doors for an unforgettable vacation.

The district is very close to touristic destinations like Çeşme, Seferihisar, and Karaburun. After excavations, it was discovered that Limantepe Tumulus in İskele Quarter dates back to 4000 B.C. Limantepe, the oldest port in the Aegean Sea and Klazomenia, known for its olive oil production in the antique age, are two important sites in Urla.

Enjoy the deep blue sea!

For those who will visit Urla in the summer, there is, of course, nothing better than swimming in the deep blue sea. Çeşmealtı is the most touristic point of the district, not only because of its beaches but also thanks to the thermal springs in İçmeler. Klizman Beaches are also popular destinations with their wonderful nature that combines blue and green. To know more about all beaches in Urla, you can visit this page.

Historical places to see in Urla

Urla, which is known as a strategical harbor city and has been hosting different civilizations throughout history, is one of the places worth seeing with its historical identity, as well as its natural beauties. Klazomanai and Liman Tepe Dig Site, where Turkey's first underwater excavations took place, reveals the ancient history of the region.

The district is also famous for its mosques, baths, and caravansaries dating from the Ottoman period.

If you want to breathe in the sea while tracing the footsteps of the past, you can go to Karantina (Quarantina) Island. As the name suggests, the island was used as a quarantine zone during the Ottoman period. It also offers the opportunity to enjoy the sea without undulation.

Klazomenai Olive Oil Plant, which is the first olive oil production facility in Anatolia; Gazhane Building, Necati Cumalı Memorial House, and Urla Underwater Museum are other places you can include in your travel plans.

Other things to do in Urla

In Urla, you should also visit the Historical Arasta Market and Malgaca Bazaar, which has an important place in the commercial life of the district. Each store in the market and the bazaar are historical treasures full of stories. When you get tired, you can sit in one of many cafés in Urla Art Street nearby.

63 km to İzmir and 30 km to Urla, the Balıklıova Village is also a must-see destination. It is situated at the southernmost point of the Karaburun Peninsula. There is a cooling wind at the village even in summer. Balıklıova Village is also famous for its Turkish Shortbread.

Bademler, which is the first village having a theatre, is at a distance of 10 km to Urla. It is famous for its library, museum of special children toys and flower greenhouses. Germiyan, Kuşçular, and Yağcılar are the other villages in the district where you can buy delicious olives.

Urla hosts Artichoke Festival, Kite Festival, Traditional Grape Harvest Festival, and Village Theater Festival every year. Don’t forget to check if your trip comes across with any of these events.

Where to visit

Urla is a place where you can find both peace and entertainment together with its historical texture, and streets full of art and festivals. Urla has many places and structures that will attract the interest of history enthusiasts. Klazomenai, one of the 12 Ionian cities, and Liman Tepe excavation area top the list. In the city that dates back to the Early Bronze Age, you can find an olive oil production facility, which is thought to be built in the 6th century BC. Quarantine Island in the district is one of the three registered quarantine islands in the world. Used for preventing the spread of infectious diseases in the Ottoman period, the island itself dates back to the 2nd century BC. The ancient amphitheater and the waveless ancient beach are also worth seeing. The villages of Urla are as beautiful as the center. Bademler, which is the first and only village in Turkey to have a theater, calls you for an intellectual time with its nearly-80-year-old library, and toy museum. Balıklıova village, on the other hand, is famous for its crystal-clear sea, fish restaurants, and special shortbread. When you return to the district center, we recommend you to visit the Art Street, the historical Arasta and Malgaca Market. You can relax in the café's square, where there are many shops from butcher to katmer (a crisp and flaky pastry) sellers, and enjoy the magical atmosphere while sipping your tea. The Urla Underwater Museum, which is also located in the Limantepe area of Urla, is the first underwater museum in Turkey. Some of the most beautiful beaches of İzmir are in Urla too, such as blue flagged Kum Denizi Beach, Çeşmealtı Blue Beach, State Railways Camping Beach, Demircili Bay Beach, Altın village beach.

What to do

You can visit Urla 9th of March Herb Festival, which is celebrated in March, and Artichoke Festival celebrated in May to taste the most delicious food of the region. If you are interested in yacht racing, you may want to watch Tanju Okan Yacht Racing in June. You can also have a nice day with the children who are staying at the Child Protection Agency’s facilities by meeting them at the Kite Festival which is celebrated in Kuşçular Village in June. The Village Theaters Festival held in Yağcılar Village, Balıklıova Village, Barbaros Village, and Bademler Village in July is also very enjoyable. You should also visit the Vintage Festival in August.




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