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One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

Today we’re in Selçuk, which has witnessed many different periods of history...

A Day Full of History

A Day Full of History

There are many historical buildings that deserve to be seen in the center of İzmir.

10 Details Beautifying İzmir in Autumn

While the summer rush leaves its place to the calm and peaceful atmosphere of autumn, Izmir gets even more beautiful. Here are 10 details that make Izmir gorgeous in autumn.

1. Autumn means a quieter summer

Even though the season turns from summer to autumn, summer does not end in September in Izmir. So much so that the average temperature in the city reaches 29 degrees Celcius in the first month of autumn. In October, it is still around 24 degrees. In other words, autumn turns Izmir into a calmer summer destination. Even though it's officially autumn, you can still do almost all of the summer activities in Izmir, such as swimming, surfing, or diving. Plus, in an even more calm and peaceful atmosphere.

2. The streets of Izmir are waiting to be discovered

With the fall, the scorching heat of the noon disappears. This gives more time to those who want to explore the city. With the autumn, you can set off on the streets of Izmir after your breakfast and visit the Historical Buildings in Izmir’s City Center such as the Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar, the Clock Tower, the Historical Elevator, the Alsancak Train Station, the Borsa Palace, the Konak Pier, and much more.

3. Green and yellow mingle in the parks

Karagöl Recreation Area, Izmir Bird Sanctuary, Natural Park, Tay Park, Kültürpark, Bornova Büyükpark, Yamamoto Japanese Garden and many other parks spread all over İzmir offer wonderful landscapes with yellow leaves blending into the green in autumn. With the arrival of this season, you can walk and lie on the grass throughout the day in these parks, just like in the city center, without worrying about the midday heat.

4. Festival season begins

For İzmir, autumn means the festival season. Most of the festivals hosting not only the people of Izmir but also participants from all over the country are held in this season. Events such as Izmir Boyoz Festival, Octoberfest, Ephesus Theater Festival, Coffee Fest, Izmir Autumn Fest, Izmir Tea Fest, Izmir Sculpture Days, Mountain Bike Races, International Art and Pottery Festival, Traditional Grape Harvest Festival, Kavacık Grape Festival, Seferihisar Tangerine Festival, Bergama Kermis Festival, Bergama Zeybek Festival, İrimağzı Fig Harvest, Bornova Camel Wrestling, Selçuk Ephesus Festival are just a few of them.

5. The hot springs are getting quieter

Autumn is an ideal season to visit the healing waters of the city because while thermal tourism is still active in Izmir, the public hot springs are less crowded compared to summer. You can immerse yourself in healing waters at many addresses including Bergama, Dikili, Menemen in the north, Çeşme, Seferihisar in the west, Tire in the south, Ilıca and Balçova in the center, and you can rest not only your body but also your soul.

6. Theaters open their doors

With the autumn, theaters in İzmir are opening their doors to art enthusiasts for the plays they will perform in the new session. Do not neglect to buy tickets to a play you’d like after examining the programs of the Izmir State Theater, and numerous other theater halls as well as the cultural centers which promise a day full of art in Izmir.

7. Open-air museums become even more enjoyable

Autumn is the perfect season to visit İzmir's open-air museums. Thanks to sunny but not overwhelming weather, you can spend all day visiting destinations such as the Open Air Steam Locomotive Museum, Agora Open Air Museum, Bostanlı Open Air Archeology Museum, Pergamon Open Air Museum, and Çeşme Museum. And of course, visiting Ephesus Ancient City in autumn is also a very enjoyable experience.

8. The joy of rain begins in Kordon

Autumn also offers the opportunity to walk Kordon, one of Izmir's most famous spots, in the rain. If you wake up on a rainy day, do not forget to breathe in the salty air while walking from Konak to Alsancak to enjoy Pasaport, Cumhuriyet Square, and Kordonboyu in rainy weather.

9. Kemeraltı is calmer and more beautiful

Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar, which you may find too crowded in the summer, turns into a destination to enjoy like the residents of Izmir in autumn. When you come to Izmir in the autumn, don't forget to spare a day for the Kemeraltı Bazaar. After visiting antique shops, souvenir shops, spice shops, and restaurants, you can drink a refreshing Turkish coffee in Kızlarağası Inn.

10. The colors of the sunset are glamorous

When autumn comes, dozens of tertiary tones between yellow and red are added to sunset landscapes in Izmir. Don't forget to try Kordon Boyu, Historical Elevator, Kadifekale, World Peace Monument, Seyirtepe, Foça beach, Alaçatı’s windmills, or Bostanlı Viewing Terrace to witness this colorful festivity.

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