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One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

Today we’re in Selçuk, which has witnessed many different periods of history...

A Day Full of History

A Day Full of History

There are many historical buildings that deserve to be seen in the center of İzmir.

10 Reasons to Visit İzmir in Autumn

Autumn in İzmir is beautiful in a different way with dozens of streets waiting to be discovered, food to be tasted, festivals and feasts, and villages getting prepared for winter.

1. An autumn like the summer

The average temperature in İzmir in autumn is around 23 degrees Celsius. In the first half of the season, this average reaches 28 degrees. This means wonderful weather awaits you for hiking, cycling, and visiting historical sites. Let the sun warm you up a little more before winter comes.

2. Street waiting to be discovered

The districts in the center of İzmir are literally like an open-air museum. You can spend the whole day here taking pleasant breaks and not getting bored at all.

Starting from Konak Square, the heart of İzmir, you can visit historical places such as the Clock Tower, Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar, Kızlarağası Inn, Elhamra Cinema, Pasaport, and Historical Elevator. You can also visit the synagogues, mosques, and churches then have fun at Agora Ruins, İzmir Archeology Museum, and History and Arts Museum.

The food you should definitely try in İzmir includes gevrek (bagel), the freshest and warmest mussels, boyoz, hoop, and İzmir bomb. You can try a wide variety of salads and appetizers made from the most famous Aegean herbs in many cafes and restaurants.

3. Festivals and Feasts

Almost all of the festivals organized in İzmir and host many people from all around the world are held in autumn, including İzmir Boyos Festival, Octoberfest, Ephesus Theater Fest, Coffee Fest, İzmir Autumn Fest, İzmir Tea Fest, İzmir Sculpture Days, Mountain Bike Races, International Arts and Pottery Feast, Traditional Vintage Festival, Kavacık Grape Festival, Seferihisar Tangerine Festival, Bergama Charity Bazaar Festival, Bergama Zeybek Festival, İrimağzı Fig Harvest, Bornova Camel Wrestling, and Selçuk Ephesus Festival.

4. Healing waters

Throughout history, İzmir has been known as 'the place where death does not enter' and 'the city where testaments are not needed.’ That’s because İzmir is surrounded by thermal springs and hot springs: Bergama, Dikili, Menemen in the north, Çeşme and Seferihisar in the west, Tire in the south, Ilıca and Balçova in the center.

You can visit the public hot springs that get less crowded in the autumn or use the spa services offered by 5-star or boutique hotels in Çeşme and Ilıca.

5. The Ancient City of Ephesus

We recommend you to explore the Ancient City of Ephesus, not in the scorching hot summer but the mild climate of autumn. In these months when the sunlight comes a little more oblique, the splendor and the magical atmosphere of the ancient city is enjoyed better with the naked eye and reflected better in the photographs you take.

6. Birgi Village

Birgi Village of Ödemiş is one of the rare places that still has traces of its 5000-year history. Its magnificent nature looks even better with colorful leaves pouring from the trees. Birgi is a place from fairytales with its historic houses, streets, traditional handicrafts, and nature. So, we recommend that you take your camera with you.

7. Kadifekale

According to the legend, two water fairies Alexander the Great saw in a vision told him to build a city atop the Pagos Mountain. The ruins of the castle built has managed to survive the Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman periods. From the castle, where you can get to by walking through the historic streets of Basmane, you can enjoy the magnificent autumn landscape of İzmir. Around the castle, there are small shops where you can buy handcrafted fabrics produced by women living in the region and cafeterias where you can have something to drink.

8. İzmir Bird Paradise

Shore swamps, freshwater swamps, water meadows, reeds, saltpans, hills, fishponds, and many different biotopes of the delta in Çiğli provides shelter for rare birds and other high variety for other species. 277 bird species are recorded in İzmir Bird Paradise. It is also one of the most important reproduction and nutrition areas of Pelecanus Crispus, which is found only in five places in Turkey and is an endangered bird species. İzmir Bird Paradise, which spans over an 8.000-hectares land, hosts about 5000 birds a year due to its location on migration routes. You can rent a bike or use the bird watching towers in İzmir Bird Paradise.

9. Key Museum

Even if you’re not into cars that much, we are sure that you will enjoy this museum as an art gallery, since almost every piece is a work of art. Located in Torbalı district of İzmir, Key Museum is the biggest classic car museum in Turkey. The museum which was built on a 7.000 square meters area, has been displaying the different collections of parts that have been collected with great diligence from not only Turkey but all over the World since 2001.

10. Ease of transportation all year

Even though there are more flights to İzmir during the summer due to sea tourism, the city attracts great interest in the other months of the year as well, because it is also a student and trade city, and the health tourism is vivid all year round. That’s why it’s very easy to get to İzmir all year, whichever transportation option you use.

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