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One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

Today we’re in Selçuk, which has witnessed many different periods of history...

A Day Full of History

A Day Full of History

There are many historical buildings that deserve to be seen in the center of İzmir.

Best Places to Meditate in the Nature

The most important feature of Izmir that makes it a tourism paradise is that Izmir can meet all kinds of expectations for a perfect vacation. Other than the countless activities you can do in public at the beaches, shopping malls, restaurants, museums, and festival areas, there are also countless spots in Izmir where you can find peace by meditating by yourself.

Here are the best destinations in Izmir where you can meditate in the nature.


Kültürpark, one of the largest green areas of Konak district, is spread over an area of 420 thousand square meters. You can sit under a tree and meditate at Kültürpark, which is very quiet in the morning or the afternoon. When you feel peaceful enough, you can also attend many events and activities in the evening.


The famous meeting point in Bornova district where Ayfer Feray Open Air Theater and Uğur Mumcu Cultural Center are also located, Büyükpark is a place far from the crowd where you can meditate in the nature. The park has a fountain pool, playgrounds for children, walking trails, cafeterias, and the famous Kızlar (Girls’) Coffeeshop.

Örnekköy Nature Park

Located in the Karşıyaka district, this park is only 15 kilometers away from İzmir’s center. The park is on a sloping area that varies between 350 and 450 meters in elevation. With 112 identified species of plants, the park has a wealth of biodiversity. An ideal habitat for partridges to breed, the park is also a perfect destination for meditation.

Meryemana Nature Park

Located in the limits of Selçuk, which is also famous for the Ancient City of Ephesus, this park is 82 kilometers from İzmir's center and 6 kilometers from Selçuk. The area has amazing flora that includes Calabrian pine, sandalwood, cermes oak, wild olive, heather, hedera, carob, and mullein. In the park full of fresh air and oxygen, you can meditate and find inner peace.

Yamamoto Japanese Garden

The garden was built in memory of the architect Tatsuya Yamamoto, who lived in Turkey for many years and passed away in 2010. Located in Bayraklı, the garden has Sakura, Gynkı, Biloba, and Bamboo trees that are unique to Japan.

There are also two pools, bridges, and walk paths in the garden, where you’ll feel like you are meditating in the Far East.

Gökdere Canyon

The Gökdere Canyon is near the Gökdere Village which can be easily accessed from the Buca-Kaynaklar road. Calabrian pines, maquis, century-old plane trees, streams, and naturally therapeutic vegetation (thyme, daisies, bay leaves, sage) are just some of the elements of natural beauty in this canyon. In the canyon, which is enchanted by its natural beauty, you can meditate surrounded by the sounds of a waterfront or a stream, or against the wonderful view.

Recreation Areas

There are so many recreation areas in İzmir where you can meditate in the nature. Even though it is impossible to tell all about them in this article, we’d still like to name these peaceful destinations, each of which is more attractive than the other: Ekmeksiz Recreation Area (Seferihisar), Kalemlik Recreation Area (Özdere), Klaros (Denizpınarı) Recreation Area (Menderes), Gümüldür Recreation Area (Menderes), Gümüşsuyu Recreation Area (Menderes), Tanay Recreation Area (Çeşme), Teos Çamlık Recreation Area (Seferihisar), Uzunkuyu Recreation Area (Urla), Güvendik Recreation Area (Urla), Efeoğlu Recreation Area (Torbalı), Karabel Recreation Area (Kemalpaşa), Çiçekli Recreation Area (Bornova), Karagöl Recreation Area (Karşıyaka), Yamanlar Mountain Recreation Area (Karşıyaka).

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