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One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

Today we’re in Selçuk, which has witnessed many different periods of history...

A Day Full of History

A Day Full of History

There are many historical buildings that deserve to be seen in the center of İzmir.

Cycling Routes in Izmir

In 2019, İzmir became a part of the European Cycle Route Network (EuroVelo) thanks to its efforts for the development of cycling tourism. If you want to explore the city in a fun and healthy way, you can try one of the numerous routes where you can take the wind behind you and ride your bike freely in the city center or in the districts.

1. City Center Coastal Route

If you want to ride your bike in the city center, we recommend that you explore the route from İnciraltı Recreation Area to Bird Paradise. You can rent a bike with the BİSİM system from one of the 35 stations situated on his 40-kilometers-long route. If you want to start walking or use another vehicle, you can leave your rental bike at the closest station. The ability to take your bike on trains makes cycling tours easier.

2. Çeşme-Ephesus Route

If you want to get away from the city center and discover all the natural and historical beauties of the Peninsula with your bike, you can start with the Çeşme-Ephesus route.

The first part of this three-stage route is the Çeşme-Urla (Klazomenai) Course. 77.4-kilometers-long EuroVelo-priority route starts from Çeşme Harbour and ends at the entrance to the Klazomenai Ancient City in Urla Harbour. The route, the highest point of which is Kadıovacık village with 297 meters, passes through the back of Çeşme, that is, the roads with low traffic and reaches Alaçatı over Ovacık village and from there to Şifne direction to Ildırı.

After reaching Urla Pier and having a rest, if you think you have the energy to travel another 61 kilometers, you can continue with the second stage that ends in the ancient city of Lebedos in Ürkmez.

The total length of the 3rd stage of this course is 52.1 kilometers. The route, which starts in the ancient city of Lebedos ends at the entrance to the Ancient City of Ephesus. The highest point of the route is 88 meters. The route uses a two-way highway until Selçuk - Kuşadası junction.

3. Çeşme-Alaçatı Route

If you are looking for a shorter cycling route, you can try the 30.7-kilometer-route that starts from Çeşme Port and ends at Alaçatı.

4. Seferihisar-Orhanlı-Gödence-Seferihisar Route

If you end up in Seferihisar and feel like you’re energetic enough to ride for 86,5 kilometers, this route which finishes at its starting point is just for you. The altitude reaches 500 meters at the highest point of the route with difficulty level 4. The route, which starts in Seferihisar, ascends in Gödence, passing through the Kocaçay Valley and the valleys that nourish Beyler Dam. The route heads west and loses altitude. It then connects to the village of Düzce via Bademler and tangerine gardens and then to Seferihisar.

5. Karaburun Peninsula Route

This is a dream route for every cyclist in Turkey. The length of the route, which has many climbs and descents, exceeds 100 kilometers if you do not enter the Peninsula’s center and continue from the coastline. At the end of each challenging climb, you will encounter a unique Aegean view. We recommend that you divide this route into two days and stay in a tent or a facility at the end of the first day.

Apart from the routes mentioned above, you can visit this page to check every stage of the 773-kilometers-long EuroVelo route of Izmir which starts from Çeşme Harbor and finishes at the Temple of Artemis in Selçuk. Four associations and communities mapped these routes within the scope of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's project aiming to connect cycling routes of the city to the Mediterranean network.

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