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One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

Today we’re in Selçuk, which has witnessed many different periods of history...

A Day Full of History

A Day Full of History

There are many historical buildings that deserve to be seen in the center of İzmir.

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Food You Should Taste During Your Vacation in Izmir

When you are in Izmir, do not forget to try the magnificent flavors of the Aegean cuisine while enjoying the beautiful weather and the sea of the city.


İzmir’s boyoz, which has a history of almost 500 years, is also a registered trademark since 2017. It's made by baking round pieces of dough which consist of wheat flour, water, and salt. Boyoz is an indispensable food in İzmir, especially at breakfast. Other than the regular plain boyoz, we recommend you to try boyoz with leek, eggplant, artichoke, cheese, herbs, and even tahini, which you can eat for dessert.

Kumru Sandwich

Kumru, whose history dates back to 150 years ago and was registered as İzmir Kumrusu by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2017, is a sandwich prepared by İzmir tulum cheese, cheddar, tomato, pepper, sausage, and salami in a special bread. The bread, which is usually made from chickpea yeast, is named after this sandwich because it resembles a dove bird (Kumru means dove bird in Turkish) thanks to its shape, which is large in the middle and thin on the tip.

İzmir Tulum Peyniri

Tulum is a traditional Turkish goat's milk cheese normally ripened in a goatskin casing, called tulum in Turkish. What makes İzmir's tulum cheese different from the others is that it's not made in a goatskin casing but in a tin. This pickled cheese is another food you must definitely try in İzmir, especially with boyoz at breakfast!

Roasted Asparagus

Asparagus vegetable, which is famous for its aphrodisiac effect, is very common in İzmir cuisine. The roasted asparagus can be seen on a breakfast table, among the appetizers on a tavern table, or in the dinner table of an ordinary house.

Red Mullet Wrapped in Vine Leaves

It’s time for fish enthusiasts! One of the many fish that decorates tables in İzmir, the pearl of the Aegean, is the red mullet. What makes İzmir's red mullet different from the other regions, is that it’s first put it in a special sauce and then wrapped in vine leaves to be baked in the oven. If you love fish and are looking for different tastes, you should definitely taste this dish before you leave Izmir!

İzmir Meatballs

We haven’t forgotten red meat enthusiasts of course! Spicy rectangular meatballs with cumin served in tomato sauce are another of İzmir's most famous flavors. The meatball is served with sliced ​​potatoes, chopped potatoes, and hot peppers that are also cooked in the oven.

Kirde Kebab

The Kirde Kebab, whose roots go back to the Ottoman palace cuisine, is made by placing the chopped lamb or beef meat among the pancakes placed on top of each other. With a final touch made with yogurt, butter, and pulp pepper, Kirde Kebab is one of the Aegean dishes that you will never forget.


Now it’s time for the dessert! Lokma is a small, round, and syrupy friedcake and it’s the most famous dessert of İzmir. It is prepared by pouring sherbet on the pieces of dough fried on the fire. While walking on the streets of İzmir, it is possible to eat this delicious and practical dessert for free in the small stalls set up for charity.

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