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One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

Today we’re in Selçuk, which has witnessed many different periods of history...

A Day Full of History

A Day Full of History

There are many historical buildings that deserve to be seen in the center of İzmir.

Forest Walk Routes in Izmir

For hiking enthusiasts, İzmir promises lush green routes in forests just outside the city center.

Among the go-to areas for hiking are Ödemiş Bozdağlar, Gölcük Lake, Nif Mountain, Kozak Plateau, Karaburun Peninsula, Balçova-Narlıdere ridges, Buca and its villages, Güzelbahçe and its villages, Kemalpaşa-Bayındır-Ovacık, Karabel, Çiçekli, and Şirince. You can create your own hiking route by choosing one of these destinations.

If you wish, instead of creating your own route, you can take a look at the following routes that include forest walks, or you can examine all of the walking routes on this page, which are prepared within the scope of the Peninsula Project of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and have a total length of 700 kilometers, although not all of them pass through forest lands.

1. Belevi-Mozelium-Şirince Trail

The main part of the trail passes through olive groves and garden roads and forest roads. The paths to and from the backline are distinct and comfortable. The course offers unique views at two different points. You can try the trail every season excluding very hot days.

2. Şirince-Çamlık Trail

Starting from the old square with coffeehouses in the center of the village, the trail leads to the 29 Ekim Castle located on the southern border of the village. After that, the prominent old path rises from the gardens and parallel to the hillside and reaches the forest road at the end of the gardens after 1,200 meters. After walking 500 meters to the right, you’ll enter the wide path on the left; rising in the southeast direction through the forest to a new forest road.

3. Çamlık-Virgin Mary Trail

After the initial path olives, the trail continues with inner forest paths and forest fire ways, and a creek that is dry in the summer is passed. The tractor road, which runs through the olive groves, crosses the stabilized road of the village of Sultaniye; entering the quarry path. At the end of this road, you'll follow a rocky road and a 3 - 4-meter wide forest road to reach the House of the Virgin Mary.

4. Virgin Mary-Ephesus Trail

The track, which consists of the asphalt road in the forest, starts from the House of Virgin Mary and continues on the same asphalt road to the southern gate of the Ancient City of Ephesus. The route can also be used as a bicycle path.

5. Zeytinköy-Gölova-Çile Trail

The trail, which can be easily walked in any season, starts from Zeytinköy. After passing 2.5 kilometers, the slope increases continuously. After the initial asphalt and terrain road, you leave the Notion route and continue for a long time with an obvious path. When the land between the forests and lemur is reached, a tractor road takes you to Gölova. Afterward, the trail is connected to the center of Çile village with forest roads and terrain roads.

6. Klaros-Ahmetbeyli-Çile-Değirmendere (Kolophon) Trail

The trail runs through the gardens, forest roads, village roads, forest and maquis areas, and Ataköy Pond. Then it reaches the ancient city of Kolophon and arrives at Değirmendere settlement. The course is easy to walk in all seasons.

7. Değirmendere (Kolophon)-Karacadağ-Tahtalı-Ürkilometreez (Lebedos) Trail

Starting from Değirmendere and passing through the ancient city of Kolophon, an important part of the trail runs through the forest, maquis, and tangerine gardens. Following the forest road and trails, the Akkaya ridge and the fire watchtower have impressive views. The length of the track, which is suitable for walking at all times except for the intense hot periods, must be taken into consideration.

8. Ürkmez (Lebedos)-Kavakdere Trail

Starting from the beach, the trail passes through residential areas and gardens and forest roads, mostly following the fire lanes. The course has no significant difficulties. Due to the structure of the topography, there are many ascents and descents. The highest altitude is 175 meters.

9. Gödence-Efemçukuru-Kavacık-Payamlı Trail

The course starts in Gödence with an asphalt village road and follows terrain roads, forest roads, and small paths. Forest, vineyards, and olive groves in the fields that can be walked in all seasons. There are four villages along the trail.

10. Gökliman (Kokar)-Zeytinler Trail

Starting from the beach, the trail leads to the fish farm in the bay, passing through maquis, open spaces, and forested areas and continues through the valley. After the forest fire pool, the stabilized road passes through the eastern skirt of Ulaştıran Hill and under the İzmir - Çeşme highway and reaches the Zeytinler. Considering its length, you can hike the course with pleasure and comfort outside the busy hot periods.

Associations that can help you with trekking

To make the most out of İzmir’s natural beauties, you can both determine your own route or get some help from some associations or clubs that would be happy to help you determine the most pleasant and safe routes. Here are some suggestions:

•      Turkish Mountaineering Federation

•      İzmir Branch İzmir Mountaineering Club

•      İZDAK İzmir Mountaineering and Nature Sports Club

•      Karşıyaka Mountaineering and Nature Lovers Club - KARDAK

•      İzmir Dokuz Eylül Mountaineering and Nature Sports Club Association

•      Patikatrek Nature Sports Training Center

•      Doruk Mountaineering Orienteering Rafting and Nature Sports Club

•      Buca Mountaineering Sports Search & Rescue Association

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