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One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

Today we’re in Selçuk, which has witnessed many different periods of history...

A Day Full of History

A Day Full of History

There are many historical buildings that deserve to be seen in the center of İzmir.

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Smell of old books; Izmir second-hand booksellers: “SAHAF”

Whether in a bookstore, in the city library or in the library of your home, it is another pleasure to browse and examine the books, but the smell of old books is felt mostly in booksellers. The magic of the book rounds people mostly in booksellers.


One of the things that add value to Izmir are the bookstores, some book stands on the streets, but more importantly, the booksellers that always contain unique secrets, treasures and memories. Sahaf is not an easy profession as it might seem. First of all, it requires a strong reading habit, extensive knowledge, following authors and publishing houses, knowing more or less Ottoman Turkish, at least knowing the alphabet. Sahafs also lived a little. Its shops are also small temples blended with the magic of the book. Contrary to popular belief, secondhand booksellers in Izmir are not only located in Konak and Alsancak, they have spread to almost all districts.


Each district has its own booksellers and hidden treasures. We wanted to take a closer look at the second-hand booksellers who opened new windows in our lives and brought us valuable, interesting and historical books.

Izmir, which is a bookseller's paradise, has its own unique features, colors and centers that reflect the dynamism of life. Sahafs is an important part of this.

In the main centers of the city such as Alsancak, Konak, Karşıyaka, there are mostly large booksellers filled with books, which you will get lost in while you wander. Hosting hundreds of book lovers every day, these booksellers are a rich labyrinth that hosts all kinds of books, magazines and records. The pleasure of getting lost among the books in these book temples is another. The book stands on Gönül Yazar Street in Alsancak deserve more attention.

In districts such as Buca and Bornova where students and universities are concentrated, secondhand booksellers also serve as cultural centers. Such second-hand booksellers are places where visitors can sip their tea and while sipping their tea silently browsing books, students studying, and cats sleeping at the tables.

The second-hand booksellers that you come across in almost every district of Izmir, with the desire to go inside, mix up the books and comic books standing next to each other, and browse old documents and posters, sometimes become a meeting point. Conversations, conversation meetings, and signature days are organized in such booksellers. It is possible to come together with authors and book lovers.

Sahafs are remarkable places with the atmosphere and the characteristics of their spaces as well as the books and documents they offer. Some of them are located in historical buildings, while others offer corridors in which you can get lost and extend inwards. And many others gives attention with their warm atmosphere that beckons those who see them. Their owners are also very interesting, knowledgeable people with full of stories.

Do not neglect to enter the booksellers who come across and call you with their texture, mixing books, comics, records and chatting with today's Sahafs when you come to Izmir. Of course, to smell papers of old books.

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