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One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

Today we’re in Selçuk, which has witnessed many different periods of history...

A Day Full of History

A Day Full of History

There are many historical buildings that deserve to be seen in the center of İzmir.

Sports Clubs of Izmir

There are many sports clubs born in Izmir, one of Turkey’s healthiest cities, and made a name internationally

Altay Sports Club

Established in Izmir on January 16, 1914, under the name of Altay İdman Yurdu, the club achieved significant success, especially in football. Seven-times finalist and two-times winner of the Turkish Cup, Altay became the first team to bring this trophy to Anatolia. In addition to football, the black-and-white club operates in basketball, volleyball, and swimming branches.

Altınordu Sports Club

Altınordu Sports Club, founded on December 26, 1923, draws attention with its breakthroughs in the football branch today. Operating under the motto, "Altınordu is not an ordinary football club. Altınordu is a football and life education institution", lately, the club has only local players in its squad. Their player training policy has attracted the attention of not only the biggest clubs in Turkey but also in the world.

Arkas Sports Club

Körfez Sports Club, which started to compete in the volleyball 2nd league in the 1999 - 2000 season, was named Saint Joseph Sports Club in 2001, and Arkas Saint Joseph in 2003. In the General Assembly held in May 2005, the name of the club was changed to Arkas Sports Club. Arkas, whose main field of activity is volleyball, also operates in sailing, swimming, and bridge branches.

Bornova Belediyespor

Bornova Belediyesispor is active in many branches such as handball, gymnastics, swimming, and taekwondo as well as football and basketball. The club made its name nationwide particularly in basketball in 2009 when they played in the Turkish Basketball League and beat Fenerbahce Ulker, Galatasaray, and Besiktas.

Bostanlıspor Youth Sports Club

Founded in 1954, Bostanlıspor is a club operating in 28 sports branches. Also known as the club that brought rugby, baseball, and softball to Izmir, Bostanlıspor runs many social responsibility projects and enables 2,500 people to do sports.


Founded in 1928, Bucaspor operates in many different branches such as volleyball and basketball as well as football. One of the most important achievements of the club's football branch came in the 2010-2010 season when they were quarter-finalists in the Turkish Cup. The club, which attaches great importance to youth and infrastructure, aims to raise the stars of the future thanks to the Bucaspor Football Academy, which it launched in 2006.

Ege Voleybol

Founded in 2014 by the Turkish nationals Tuğba Toprak and Şükran Akar, Ege Voleybol aims to raise athletes who have a gentlemanly spirit, respect their opponents, care about themselves, protect their surroundings, love their friends, family, and country, and aim to serve in national teams.

Göztepe Sports Club

Göztepe, founded on June 14, 1925, operates not only in football but also in many branches from handball to volleyball, sailing to gymnastics, archery to triathlon. Göztepe was the semi-finalist in the 1968-1969 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup and a quarter-finalist in the 1969-1970 Cup Winners' Cup. The club won the Turkish Football Championship once, and the Turkish Cup twice. Göztepe is also known for its part at one of the world's hottest rivalries with Karşıyaka.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Club

Owned by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the club has athletes in 35 branches which makes it one of Turkey's largest sports clubs. The club, which won a total of 342 medals, 25 of which at the international level, in 2019 alone, aims to introduce young people to sports thanks to its sports academies.

İzmir Ege Basketbol Sports Club

Founded by Taşkın Toprak in 2016, İzmir Ege Basketbol Sports Club provides basketball training for children aged 6-16 and aims to raise athletes with values such as respect, love, fair-play spirit, tolerance, teamwork, and responsibility both on and off the court.


Founded in 1923 by the locals of Eşrefpaşa district under the name Altınay, the club merged with Sakarya in 1930 and took the name İzmirspor. Having competed in the Turkish Super League for 10 seasons in football, İzmirspor once managed to take the fourth place in the league. They became the world champions two years in a row with the youth team.

Karşıyaka Sports Club

Established in 1912, Karşıyaka is the first sports club in İzmir. Even though it's mostly famous for its football team, the club has become Turkish champions in athletics, basketball, handball, sailing, and swimming. Karşıyaka won the 1st League in football four times and became Turkish champions in basketball twice. They also played a final in the FIBA EuroChallenge Cup. Karşıyaka is also known for its part at one of the world's hottest rivalries with Göztepe.

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