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One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

Today we’re in Selçuk, which has witnessed many different periods of history...

A Day Full of History

A Day Full of History

There are many historical buildings that deserve to be seen in the center of İzmir.

The Historical Mansions of İzmir

Let's get to know the historical mansions of İzmir, which are the legacy of the Levantines.

Aliotti Mansion

The Aliotti family came from Florence to İzmir some 200 years ago and lived in Bornova, Buca, and Karşıyaka. It is known that the Aliotti Mansion, located opposite the Karşıyaka Wedding House at the exit of Reşadiye, was built in the early 1900s. The mansion, which was bought by the famous businessman Durmus Yaşar and donated to the Yaşar Foundation, now serves as an education center.

Lochner Mansion

Located on Cemal Gürsel Boulevard, The Lochner Mansion belonged to the German Lochner family. The second floor of the mansion, which has two floors and a rectangular plan, has French-style windows and a wooden bay overlooking the street. The front facade is decorated with brick arches and various geometric shapes. The building, whose corners are highlighted with recycled brick and stone ornaments, is used as a kindergarten today.

Penetti Mansion

The Penetti Mansion in Karşıyaka was built by Armando Penetti in the name of the Italian Penetti family in the 1930s. Constructed with materials brought from Italy, the mansion was built as a smaller version of a palace in Venice. The Penetti Mansion now functions as a kindergarten as well.

Van Der Zee Mansion

The mansion, built by the Dutch Heinrich Van Der Zee in the early 20th century, was also used as a building of the Dutch Consulate. The mansion in Karşıyaka now welcomes its guests as a restaurant after its restoration.

De Jongh Mansion

This mansion, built in the late 1800s in Buca on behalf of the Dutch-born British De Jongh family, later passed into the hands of German and Italian families. De Jongh Mansion, which stayed empty for many years and was used as a school until 2001, now belongs to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

Rees Mansion

The Rees Mansion in Buca is a building from the early 20th century. The mansion built by the Rees family, which plays an important role in the arrival of the railroad to İzmir, is inspired by the summer palace used by Queen Victoria. It is now used as the building of the Dean of the Faculty of Education of 9 Eylül University.

Baltazzi Mansion

The Baltazzi Mansion, built in the 1860s, was used as an orphanage between 1890 and 1922. The mansion, which was converted into a school after the orphans staying here were taken to Greece, now serves as a fine arts high school building.

Forbes Mansion

The Forbes Mansion, located in the garden of Buca State Hospital, was first built in 1908, but it had to be built once again, as it burned in the fire that broke out just one year later. The mansion, which also gave its name to Forbes street in Buca, has been the property of the Social Security Institution since the 1950s.

Edwards Mansion

Edwards Mansion, also known as Murat Mansion, was built by the British soldier Charles Edwards who settled in İzmir in the first quarter of the 19th century. The mansion, which was sold to Zade Mahmut Bey from the 1930s, was expropriated in 1980 and turned into a children's dormitory. After the restoration carried out in 2001, the building was allocated to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. It is currently allocated to Ege University.

Bardisbanian Mansion

Another mansion allocated to Ege University today is the Bardisbanian Mansion. The mansion built by Bardisbanian, a businessman from İzmir in the late 19th century, later became the property of the Gasparian family and then of Treasury.

Belhomme Mansion

The building, also known as the Xenopoulou Mansion, underwent a wide-ranging restoration in the 1990s and now serves the people of İzmir as Bornova Municipality Atatürk Library.

Whittall Mansion

Although Whittall Mansion, also known as the Big House, was built as a single storey by a Dutch merchant in the early 19th century, it was later purchased and expanded by trader James Whittall, who settled in İzmir. The mansion, which hosted important names from home and abroad, especially Sultan Abdülaziz, was expropriated in 1960. The building is used today as Ege University rectorate.


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