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One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

Today we’re in Selçuk, which has witnessed many different periods of history...

A Day Full of History

A Day Full of History

There are many historical buildings that deserve to be seen in the center of İzmir.

Top 10 Activities to Do in the Evening in Izmir

We have compiled the best 10 activities to do in Izmir in the evening to get ready for a pleasant night while relieving the tiredness of the day.

1. Lie down on the grass in Kordon

When the sun starts to go down and the weather starts to cool, the people of Izmir love to lie down on the grass in Kordon. If you'd like to spend quiet time with your loved ones, you can lie on the grass in Alsancak and listen to the young people making music while taking a sip from your drink.

2. Visit the Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar

You can take a turn to the Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar before the shops are closed to visit antique shops, souvenir shops, spice shops, and restaurants, and then you can have a refreshing Turkish coffee at Kızlarağası Inn.

3. Ride a bike across the Gulf

Izmir is turning into a more bicycle-friendly city every day. Thanks to the "BISIM" system that you can use in the center of the city, you can rent bicycles from different stations on the route from İnciraltı Recreation Area to Bird Paradise. If you want to start walking or use another vehicle, you can leave your rental bike at the closest one amongst 35 bike stations.

4. Take a walk

If you love walking, you can spend the evening by walking on the calm tracks in Kordon, İnciraltı City Forest, Bostanlı Coast, or Güzelyalı Coastal Road.

5. Say goodbye to the sun

The sunset in Izmir is so unique and beautiful that it’s been mentioned in countless songs. From Kordonboyu to the Historical Elevator, from Seyirtepe to Kadifekale, from the coast of Foça to the windmills in Alaçatı, you can witness the magnificent sunsets.

6. Walk around the Cyprus Martyrs’ Street

Alsancak's most famous street, Cyprus Martyrs' becomes even more enjoyable in the cool evenings. You can walk on the street and visit bookstores, cafes, bars, or restaurants.

7. Take a ferry

The ferries of İzmir take you away from the pace of the city and allow you to breath in the evening breeze coming from the sea. Before taking a pleasant journey on the Alsancak-Karşıya line, which brings together the two most popular districts of the city, you can start to enjoy Alsancak from Konak Pier, by walking on the famous Kordonboyu from Pasaport Pier to the Stock Exchange Palace, taking a break near the Clock Tower before walking on the Cyprus Martyrs’ Street and then you can hop on a ferry from the Alsancak Ferry Pier.

8. İzmir’in sokaklarında fotoğraf çekin

Just like the dawn, the dusk is also an ideal time to take photos on the streets of Izmir. Do not neglect to take wonderful shots in Kordon, Sığacık, Bostanlı, Şirince, Dario Moreno Street, Foça and on many other destinations.

9. Eat fish at a coastal restaurant

Konak, Karşıyaka, Çeşme, Foça, Urla, Kordon, or Urla… No matter where you are, there are countless restaurants where you can taste Aegean flavors along the long coastline of Izmir. In the evening, you can sit in one of these restaurants and taste the freshest and delicious fish of the season.

10. Explore the Kültürpark

With its magnificent trees and plants, Kültürpark is a unique spot that brings the history and daily life together. You can take a walk, watch concerts and plays, or spend alone time in a secluded corner in this huge area which has been hosting its guests in the middle of Izmir since 1936.

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